Monday, August 9, 2010

{Manic Monday} Here's how it's all gone down...

I'm going to try something new, that I will likely do just this once and fail to repeat, because that's just the way I operate. I thought I'd give you all a glimpse into my life, by just plain listing the way my day has gone...

  • Wake up at 1 am, nurse James for all of 10 minutes before he falls back asleep
  • Wake up at 4:30 am and listen as Brett gives him a bottle of milk, changes his diaper, and he cries for 20 minutes before falling asleep
  • Wake up at 6:50 am and nurse James in bed where he promptly falls asleep
  • Shower, give up on doing my hair since I'm "growing it out" due to an inability to find the time for a haircut
  • Put on makeup. Teal shadow is just the cure for a melancholy Monday, no?
  • Pack for the day -- four empty breastmilk bottles, three full ones, baby breakfast: mango, peaches, and oatmeal; baby lunch: squash, tofu, cheerios. For mommy: one banana, one Lean Cuisine.
  • Am all ready for work, but baby James is still asleep in ourbed and I firmly believe in the "never wake a sleeping baby" adage.
  • Download James pics that my cousin sent me.
  • James wakes up, has the stinkiest poo ever. Slips into an adorable orange plaid romper.
  • Kiss the husband and the dog
  • Drive to work listening to knick-knack paddy-whack, which is amazingly catchy
  • Drop James off at the baby-sitter's
  • Head to work, where I am somehow responsibly for planning about 50 events that all seem to be taking place in the same two-week span
  • Have a meeting about an event
  • Have a phone call about an event
  • Respond to emails about an event
  • I hate planning events
  • Drive to baby-sitters house where James has tears in his eyes and hasn't napped all morning, although he did eat his whole breakfast
  • Nurse him, which causes him to fall right to sleep.
  • Sit in the glider for 10 minutes while little man sleeps peacefully on my chest
  • Drive back to work, simultaneously calling Brett to see if the home repair folks have come out yet to fix our flooding basement
  • Eat my lean cuisine. Yuck!
  • Work some more

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