Wednesday, December 8, 2010


We are moving offices.  Well, kind of.  We are just moving from one set of crummy, sterile cubicles to a different set of crummy, sterile cubicles.  Some of my officemates are really struggling to get all of their stuff boxed up.  However, I'm all ready to go.  I think it helps that I just moved offices in June since we had a new employee start. 

Also, being of the electronic generation, I only keep paper copies of things that aren't available electronically.  I guess that requires placing some faith in technology, but I'm willing to do so.  I keep a pretty clean and organized office without too much junk lying around.  I do have a lot of family pictures up.

So, any ideas for making my new office a little less drab?  How do you jazz up your working space?

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