Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This is Supposed to Happen

My new mantra is to repeat, "This is supposed to happen." Every time I am changing clothes or stepping into the mirror and I catch a glimpse of my fuller, rounder, mushier body, my gut reaction is disgust. Then the mantra kicks in and I remind myself that if I were somehow getting thinner and more toned, I'd be worried about the health of my baby.

I've gained 4 pounds so far and can proudly fit into most of my pre-pregnancy wardrobe (with the occasional help of the Bella Band), but it is still hard to get used to this new body of mine. I've never been a skinny girl, but I've never been very big either. I've always tried my best to eat healthfully, but since getting pregnant, my taste in foods has really changed. I can't bear the thought of seafood or chicken, my old standbys.

Oh well, this is supposed to happen. I think it'll be easier to deal with when I actually look pregnant, rather than just like I stopped taking care of myself.

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