Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday, January 27

The Good:

  • Had tea and water with my breakfast.
  • Restrained myself from eating the hot tamales on my boss's desk during our afternoon meeting.
  • Had a healthy lunch -- lean cuisine pizza.


  • When the afternoon rolled around and I was hungry (after all a lean cuisine pizza isn't filling), I grabbed an orange from my purse, but it wasn't good, so I had a bag of potato chips that I was storing in my drawer.  Yuck.  They didn't even taste that good.
  • I got my haircut at the end of the day.  Work had been stressful so when they offered me wine, I accepted.
  • After these two missteps, I let the rest of the day slide, indulging in a beer and appetizers at the neighborhood bar.

Lesson Learned: Just because you make one bad move doesn't mean you have to screw up the rest of the day.

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