Monday, January 4, 2010

Happiest Baby on the Block

James is now officially the happiest baby on the block. Not much of a feat, considering that we're pretty sure he's the only baby on the block. Over the past week, Brett read Happiest Baby on the Block. I cheated and got it on DVD. Although I think Dr Harvey Karp seems a little like a fish oil salesman, I really do think his 5 S's technique works. For those who are unfamiliar, Dr. Karp says there are 5 S's that can trigger a baby's calming reflex. They are:

  1. Swaddling: which he recommends doing first so that the baby's hands don't distract him/her from being impacted by the other S's. Dr Karp has his own recommended swaddling method, but we use the miracle blanket and I think it accomplishes the same thing.
  2. Shhhing: He recommends a loud shhshing noise a couple inches from the baby's ear. The sound should be as loud as the baby's cries. We make the shhhing noise ourselves during the day, but turn on a loud white noise machine at night. I went to Target for the white noise machine. It was $42 for the white noise machine in the baby section and only $25 for a similar item in the home spa section. We got this one.
  3. Swinging: Karp says swinging, but it's really more like a jiggling motion. We accomplish the same motion by patting James' upper back as in burping him.
  4. Side/Stomach position: Dr. Karp likes kids to be held parallel to the ground and on their side or stomach. He still recommends laying them on their back to sleep. I hold James upright against my chest and I think it accomplishes the same thing.
  5. Sucking: Last, but not least, sucking really calms infants. Dr. Karp says you can use a pacifier or breastfeed. We generally opt for breastfeeding.

Although Dr. Karp says that these methods will improve a baby's sleep, I haven't noticed James sleeping for any longer stretches at night. However, I have found that I can get him back to sleep faster when he does wake up. Rather than taking an hour to and hour-and-a-half to nurse him and put him back down, I am probably averaging about 45 minutes now. He is still waking up about twice per night and sleeping in two to three hour stretches.

In other news, I've found a Mommy and Baby yoga class in town. I'm planning to check it our Wednesday morning. Wednesday afternoon we have a play date with Kelly and Ava from our birthing class. On Thursday, we go to the pediatrician for James' one-month appointment.

Brett went back to work today, but he works from home, so it's not too big of a change. I was very careful about not bothering him, but it was easy to do since my mother-in-law is here for a couple days to help out.

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  1. Hello Jessie,

    Thank you for mentioning The Happiest Baby on the Block book & DVD! Dr. Karp recommends watching the DVD multiple times to make sure the 5 S's are being implemented correctly.

    A great calming tool in addition to the 5 S's is our CD of white noise. The 'Super-Soothing' Sleep Sounds CD contains 5 tracks of specially engineered white noise which actually helps create a deeper, more restful sleep for your baby.

    The CD is extremely beneficial especially when James begins teething around 4-6 months of age as it will help create a 'buffer' to any noises that would otherwise wake him. Also, it is great to use in the car especially when babies become fussy in the carseat.

    Dr. Karp suggests playing the CD of white noise for the duration of naps and nighttime sleeps for at least the first year & many parents find it useful for years to come!

    Let us know how things are going & if you have any questions/concerns.

    Kindest regards,
    Kristen Terry : The Happiest Baby, Inc.
    (310) 207-1111 :