Friday, August 28, 2009

Gripes and Stripes

Okay, I have a small gripe about my mother that I can only talk/post about here. You all remember my spotting incident at the end of July? Well, I had two or three more since then, but they've all been so inconsequential -- not red blood, just slightly brown tinged CM. I called the midwife's office and they said not to worry about it unless it's red, flowing heavily, or accompanied by any cramping. I'm very close with my mom, so I told her about the spotting and the MW's feeling that it's nothing to worry about. First, she suggested that I needed to "see a real doctor." Okay, yeah, I get it, she doesn't feel like a MW could possibly handle this situation. I just ignored her comment.

Now, she's paranoid that "something's wrong." Every time I talk to her, she says, "How's my grandson? Have you felt him move today?" I know she's coming from a place of complete love and concern, but her constant questioning has made me a bit paranoid. I'll admit, the spotting freaks me out, but I've done a good job of convincing myself to trust my MW and have confidence in my body. Every time I talk to my mom, though, it makes me feel freaked out all over again. I have another MW visit scheduled a week from today and then I switch to visits every 2-weeks. I think that'll help ease my mind.

And now for the stripes. We've started taping off the nursery walls since we are painting two tones of vertical green stripes. The taping off is taking forever because we are being very precise and using a laser level to make sure each stripe is level. We did one test stripe this week to make sure we like the paint color. Now we have 19 more to paint.

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