Tuesday, September 22, 2009

28 Weeks and a Shower

See above for my 28-week belly.

Saturday was our baby shower, which was so much fun. My sister-in-law and friend from D.C. hosted together. They did a Pooh theme, so all the food had honey in it or had names that were Pooh-related, i.e. Piglets in a Blanket. The shower was well-attended by my friends and family members from the area. We played a couple of very fun games and then opened gifts. Everyone told me that I'd get lots of gifts at my showers, but it was even more than I could've anticipated. From Bumbos to crib mattresses to car seats and baby tubs, we got a LOT of stuff.

The only frustrating element of the weekend was my insensitive mother-in-law. I don't think she realizes how hurtful she can be. When she first saw me, she said, "Is your doctor telling you that he's going to be a really big baby?" I, of course, assume this question comes up because she thinks I look too big for how far along I am. I explain that I am measuring right on track and have even lost a half pound since the last time she saw me. Then she acts alarmed that I'm losing rather than gaining weight. Ugh.

One of my friends at the shower is due 5 weeks after me. My MIL leaned over and asked if she was pregnant. I said yep and told her my friend's due date to which my MIL said, "Really?! But she's so much littler than you." Yeah, I wasn't happy to hear that. I tried to ignore it because I know my growth and weight gain are right where they need to be to grow this little boy, but it was hard for me to forget.

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