Monday, November 23, 2009

37 Weeks and Counting

As of this past Saturday, I am lugging around a full-term baby. I'm so excited that he'll be here soon, but I'm so anxious because I want him here now. Aside from some pretty intense spotting after last week's internal (and we're talking enough spotting that I wonder if it wasn't part of my mucus plug) and some low, menstrual-like cramps, the wait continues. I spent yesterday afternoon walking, a half hour last night rocking and bouncing on an exercise ball, and forced my husband to have sex with me last night (ok, maybe not forced, as he really took no convincing).

I feel torn between being patient and letting Cashew show up on his own schedule and forcing things along to avoid an induction. We're still three weeks away from the likely induction date, so he still has plenty of time to decide to come out on his own.

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