Friday, November 13, 2009

Work Shower

My coworkers had a shower for me this past Thursday.  It was so touching that they all thought of me.  I figured they'd all pitch in for a big gift or a gift certificate, but each and every person brought their own gift for Cashew.  We got lots of stuff, including some super cute clothes, a sleep positioner, and lots of diapers.  Between the work shower gifts and gift cards, we officially have everything we need for the baby.

I'll be 36 weeks tomorrow and am really crossing my fingers that he'll come early.  My husband is out of town this weekend going to a basketball and football game at our alma mater.  I'm trying not to begrudge him his fun, but it does kind of stink knowing that he's out drinking and hanging with the guys while I'm here eating crappy low-carb food and washing the baby's new clothes.

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