Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Only My Dentist Knows

I've decided to keep my attempts at trying to conceive pretty private. I'm in a book club and one girl in there has been trying for about six months, so I've confided in her. I've made small hints to friends and family, but really want to reserve the joy and potential pains for my husband and I. Nonetheless, I've told my dentist. A strange choice, right? It's only because when I saw her in October she mentioned that I'll need a crown sometime in 2009. I decided to do it early so that if I get pregnant I won't have to worry about having any trouble with my teeth.

I'll never forget that my mom had to have a cavity filled when she was in her second trimester with me. They told her that the anesthetic was baby-safe, especially in the second trimester, but she was still worried about it, so she got a cavity-filled without anything. That just amazes me.

Anyhow, I went to the dentist and, even though I barely know her, it was so exciting to tell her that we are trying.

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