Monday, July 6, 2009

Long Time, No Blog

And no great excuse either, other than me being a tad lazy and also pretty busy at work. I'm still waiting for this bump of mine to grow. I actually wore my non-pregnancy jean shorts this past weekend, buttoned all the way up and without a Bella Band. This either means that I'm not showing much or that those shorts were way too big for me to have worn pre-pregnancy.

We had a check-up last week and heard Cashew's beautiful heartbeat. I'm up 8 pounds, which the midwife says is right on track. During this appointment, I had my annual well-woman exam. She also checked the size of my pelvis and described it as "generous." That sounds good to me.

We are close to starting in on the nursery. I'm the biggest roadblock to getting started. I keep on changing my mind about what I want. I really just don't like any of the baby bedding out there. It's all too over the top for me. You can't get a simple patterned set, it's all too overdone with characters. Don't get me wrong, I get the need for a "theme" in a nursery, but can't it be understated, rather than plastered across everything?

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