Wednesday, July 22, 2009

No Problem

We scheduled our big ultrasound for Friday, July 24th, thinking it would be the perfect start to our vacation -- spend the morning ogling at our baby then the afternoon en route to Arizona for our babymoon. Well, fate had other plans. We got a call from the MW office's ultrasound tech. She's going to be at a conference the last half of this week and simply wanted to reschedule to Monday, July 27th. Well, I'll be half-way across the county. I asked if we could do it earlier, rather than later. She would've been available to do it at 19w3d, but she said that was too early for a 20 week ultrasound. By the way, I don't believe this because I see people all over getting their 20 week u/s that early.

Anyway, we had to look at the week after our vacation, but the ultrasound tech's on vacation the first half and the midwife's out of the office that Thursday, so the 20 week u/s is now scheduled for Friday, August 7th. That's right, a full two weeks after the originally scheduled date. I'll be 21w6d at that time.

I'm trying not to be too frustrated by this. We weren't going to find out the baby's sex anyway and part of the reason it is so late is our vacation, but I was really looking forward to seeing him/her. I did strike a little deal with the MW's office so that I could come in yesterday and hear the heartbeat over doppler. It seemed like they owed me that after moving my appointment two weeks later. The heartbeat was solid and strong. She didn't calculate the bpm, but Brett always records it on his phone, so we used that to calculate the heartbeat at 170, which is pretty high.

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