Wednesday, March 25, 2009

O Yeah!

I think that I either recently did ovulate or am doing so as I type. I had positive OPKs on both Sunday and Monday, but my temp has yet to really "spike." If I remove the two positive OPKs, I get dotted crosshairs for Friday. My CM yesterday was very creamy, which is what happened right after I ovulated. I feel like my temps have been slightly off because my husband has turned on the ceiling fan the last three nights. Today I set FF's detection method to OPK. I'll probably play with it every morning to see if I get a different interpretation with the advanced detection method. In the short-term, I feel better since I can see a cross-hair on my chart. I also used the chart gallery to search for charts with timing like mine. 53% of them were pregnancy charts. Not too shabby.

Either way, I'm feeling very happy because I believe I likely ovulated. I must say that I was pretty leery of OPKs. I thought they seemed expensive and like they wouldn't give me much more warning than just watching my CM. This cycle taught me my lesson. It's dragged on and on and the only thing that alerted me to ovulating was my positive OPKs. If it weren't for those, I doubt we would've been having any sex within the fertile zone.

On a personal level, I'm finding my husband to be very cute lately. He emailed me yesterday to see what my temp was and today before I left work he asked about it too. I'm going to try to do pineapple core smoothies starting today, but there's a slight glitch. I started doing them earlier this cycle when I mistakenly thought I had O'd. When it became clear that I hadn't, I froze the pineapple. When I went to put our blender away, I dropped it, so we've had to order a replacement jar online. It should come pretty soon. If not, I'll struggle through using my stick blender to do a stand blender's job.

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