Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Screaming Eagle

I went out with a few girlfriends this weekend for dinner. We polished off a few bottles of wine between the six of us and ended up talking about our bikini lines. Two of my friends shave themselves bald, or what they called "Bald Eagle." I've heard of going bare via waxing but never shaving.

Even for our honeymoon, I was too chicken to go bare. I just did a little landing strip and even that itched like hell once it started to grow back. I can distinctly remember walking around the resort's property and attempting to discreetly scratch my itching vag.

I went home with a half bottle of wine in me, stepped into the tub, busted out a new razor and did it. I must say that my husband likes it and I find sex more fun. Yesterday, I dubbed it the screaming eagle because it was itchy. I bought some Bikini Zone and that has kept it from itching too bad.

In TTC news, my husband is home and just in the nick of time. He came back Saturday and I started getting fertile CM Sunday. If this cycle is like the last, I still won't ovulate until Saturday. However, my cycles have been getting a few days shorter each month ever since I went off BCP. I'm hoping that I O before Saturday. Just in case, we'll be getting after it every night until those beautiful crosshairs show up.

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