Monday, February 23, 2009

Sigh of Relief

Last you heard from me I was perplexed by EWCM on CD 10 when I didn't ovulate until 24 last cycle. Well, my body has continued to confuse me. Saturday I was getting egg whites all over the place, but we were in our hometown visiting family and were booked up all day. I was worried that we wouldn't get a chance to have sex, especially since we were staying at his parents' house in a tiny bed. Mid-way through the evening, fate handed us a sublime opportunity. Our car's battery died in a pretty remote part of town. I called my dad to come jumpstart us. I looked at Brett and commented that we'd be bored stiff waiting. Both of our eyebrows rose and, though I'm ashamed to, I'll admit that we had sex in the front seat of our car. That is classy stuff. If it works, I can't wait to tell the little bean that we conceived them when our car broke down.

I haven't got a clue if it has a chance to work, though. I decided at the start of this cycle to be less crazy about temping at the same time because it was really getting in the way of me actually sleeping. As a result, my chart is full of open circles and almost useless for detecting ovulation. I guess I learned a lesson on that one. I was so stressed today because I woke up and my temp was the lowest it's been all cycle. The problem is I had to get up at 4:00 am to take DH to the airport. He'll be gone until Saturday, so I hope I either just ovulated or will hold off until after he's back.

The great news today is that I met with my boss about my new position and it sounds like I'll be busy, but it will be spread throughout the year, rather than concentrated during the legislative session. This is fantastic news because it means that we can continue trying without pausing to avoid maternity leave during session.

I am so thrilled to have this great news. It's such a load off and makes me a lot less worried about making this cycle work.

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