Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wonderful Day

There are so many things to be happy for today!

1. It's my 27th birthday. I have already treated myself to some fun. First off, I decided to wear whatever I was in the mood to wear, which means that I'm wearing a rather mismatched and not especially professional outfit. Black uggs go with a high-end chunky navy necklace, right?

2. Fertility Friend confirmed that I ovulated on Sunday!! Brett went out of town on Monday, so I ovulated just in the nick of time. Even better, I used FF's chart gallery to search for charts that looked like mine based on the ovulation day and intercourse pattern. 47% of those charts were pregnancy charts. Wahoo!

3. My husband found yet another way to demonstrate his absolute awesomeness. As I mentioned, he skipped town on Monday and won't be home until tomorrow night. I was pretty bummed that he'd miss my birthday, but I understand that duty calls. Before he left, he hinted that my birthday present was in the attic, which is a genius hiding place because I'm scared shitless of that place. I came home from work yesterday and got a letter from him that he'd sent through the U.S. postal service so that it would arrive in time for my birthday. He's one smart cookie. The letter was very nice and listed five things he wouldn't have done if I hadn't been born. Some of them were cute little things like that he would've never laughed 'till he cried because of my spot-on imitation of an aborigine (long story). The cutest one was, "I am excited beyond comprehension about adding one more member to our family. I can't wait to watch you be a mother."

Obviosuly, I proceeded to sob like a baby. He included a onesie from our alma mater. It is the very first baby item that's entered our home and I feel like it's a religious relic or something -- I'm afraid to touch it and feel my eyes water at the thought of it.

When I talked to him last night, he told me to look on the front porch and sure enough, there were two boxes from amazon there. I opened them first thing this morning like a kid on Christmas day. I got a very comfy and much-needed pair of boots, Loaded Questions (a very fun board game), and the 80th anniversary edition of Winnie the Pooh. I know I posted previously about the classic Pooh theme being overdone for nurseries, but I love it too much not to do it. When I was born, my dad handpainted a mural on the nursery wall. I think I might ask him to do the same for us. If we find a few Pooh pictures that we love, my dad can scan them and use an LCD projector to trace the image on the nusery walls. It's such a lovely them and gender neutral too.

4. I have a great evening planned. Since Brett's gone, I'm having my best girlfriends over for Left Center Right dice game. In addition to wine and snacks, there will be betting.

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