Monday, February 2, 2009

My First 2 WW

I have very good reason to believe that I ovulated yesterday since my CM suggested it and my temp was way up this morning. Until I get a few more temps, I won't be positive, but I am fairly sure. I am so thrilled just to know that I am ovulating. Since this is my first cycle charting and I was on BCP for about eight years before this, I wasn't even sure I'd be ovulating.

Even better, DH and I had really phenomenal timing. I had no idea when I'd actually O, so we've been BDing a LOT this month. It sucks to admit, but I think we are both happy I've finally ovulated so we can take it easy in that department. It did result in one of DH's funniest quotes ever. Last night, he was joking that all he could produce was a "puff of smoke." Let's hope that's not true!

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