Thursday, February 5, 2009

Twiddling Thumbs

This is my first 2ww and it hasn't been that bad. Granted, I'm anxious about finally getting far enough past ovulation to begin peeing on things. I was so worried that I wasn't ovulating at all that just getting to the 2ww feels like a victory of sorts. My temp went up by .3 today to 98.4. At 4dpo, it's too early for that to mean much, but I was still fearful it would plummet early and this would turn out to be annovulatory. With each extra day of high temps, I feel better and better.

I think 12 dpo is the earliest I'd consider testing. That would be Friday, the 13th, which sounds like bad luck. However, it would also be exactly five years since DH popped the question. I also may wait until V-day since that's 13 dpo and also a romantic day. Knowing me, I'll probably break down and pee on 12 dpo, but we'll see.

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