Friday, May 29, 2009

Can This Day End, Please?

I'm not sure whether it's because this was my first full day in the office for awhile or if it's because I didn't have any meetings scheduled, but this day has dragged on so horribly long. I woke up with lots of pep in my step because it's a Friday and hardly anyone was going to be in the office, so I was wearing jeans to work for the third time in the past year. Plus, I got to drive our new car, which I usually leave at home since it gets worse gas mileage than the old car.

All these high hopes for the day and I feel like death warmed over. After throwing up the last two nights, I think my body is in starvation mode. I had a Lean Cuisine pizza for breakfast, a packet of croutons mid-morning (couldn't find anything else), edamame for lunch, another Lean Cuisine pizza for lunch, and now a Butterfinger candy bar. Despite all this, I can't shake that nauseous feeling. I'll be 12 weeks tomorrow, so this body of mine better respect the conventional wisdom about morning sickness (or in my case nighttime sickness) ending with the 1st trimester.

In other, much more exciting and uplifting news, I have lots of fun stuff going on this week. First off, me, DH, his brothers, and my SIL are going to see Demetri Martin's comedy routine tonight. Brett and I love his show Important Things on Comedy Central. I have to work tomorrow, go to a wedding tomorrow night, and a baseball game Sunday. It should be loads of fun, I just hope I have a calm tummy and the energy to enjoy it!

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