Monday, May 18, 2009

Scheduled the Babymoon!

I am faithfully following the Bump's pregnancy checklist and this week's assignment was to book a babymoon. I am very happy to report that we can cross this one off our list. We are going to Sedona, AZ for an entire week at the end of July. I'll be 20 weeks along at that time, which seems like good timing -- not too early, not too late.

My grandparents offered us a unit at their timeshare, which we'll use since it's free and also quite a nice place. Neither of us have ever been to Arizona at all, so we'll get to experience a new place together. It's near some great hiking trails and a short drive to the Grand Canyon. We'll also spend some time in the actual town of Sedona, which is known for its art galleries and botique shopping. We are so psyched for the trip.

Have any of you ever been there? Do you have any recommendations?

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