Saturday, May 16, 2009

Don't Be Nice When Pregnant

OK, maybe that's a little harsh, but don't be nice when it comes to food when you are pregnant.  Thursday night, my brother and sister-in-law came over and we took our dogs to the off-leash dog park.  This place is awesome because it's not just a tiny square of grass with a fence around it.  It is huge!!  It probably has three or four miles of walking paths and one of them guides you down to a lake that the dogs can swim in.  Our pup absolutely loves going there and actually knows the word "park."

Anyway, after the park my BIL suggested dinner at a local bar that has two for one burgers on Thursday night.  The mere thought of eating at this place made my stomach turn, but I didn't want to be that pregnant lady who made everyone else change plans because of her nausea.  Instead, I went along with it, ate half my burger and a few fries.  They didn't taste awful going down, so I thought I'd be okay.

Within minutes of getting home, I was over the toilet throwing up the whole meal.  Gross.  Lesson Learned: it's okay to ask people to cater to your cravings and aversions when you are pregnant.  The alternative is much worse.

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