Wednesday, May 6, 2009


This has been a whirlwind week so far and I think I'm in for even more craziness, but I've got enough of a break to check in.  Our ultrasound Monday morning was fantastic.  They found Cashew right away with the transabdominal ultrasound.  A strong 176 bpm heart was flashing up there on the screen.  They turned the sound on so we could hear the heartbeat.  It seemed like the ultrasound happened really fast.  When she finished, I was sad because I wanted to just sit and observe Cashew hanging around in there.
The other surprising news from the appointment was that I somehow lost a pound since my first visit.  I am not preoccupied with my weight right now, but I was surprised to find out I'd lost a pound.  I feel like I've been eating A LOT.  Granted, I'm eating lots of healthy stuff, but at such incredible quantities that I feel like I should be gaining lots of weight.

I've thrown up twice this week and dry heaved almost every day.  That is not my favorite part of pregnancy.  It seems to happen more in the evening.  I have this theory that my stomach is like a gas tank, except that if it ever gets below 1/2 full, I puke.  Needless to say, this results in me eating a lot to keep full/semi-full.

On Monday, we also got to tell my dad.  He loves making jokes about me being pregnant, so the plan was to wait until he referenced me being pregnant and then spring it on him.  Sure enough, within five minutes of seeing our new car, he started in, saying, "Oh, so this little compartment is where your kids can store their crayons."  I chimed in, "On that note, I'm pregnant, Dad."  He must thing I'm a big practical joker, because he said about three times, "You're joking. Are you joking?  Brett, is she joking?"  Once I showed him the ultrasound picture, he believed me.

The rest of this week is so busy for me.  I am hosting book club Saturday, in addition to having my mom, mother-in-law, and father-in-law here for Mother's Day.  We are planning to tell them Friday night.  I have to get groceries, do laundry, and cook about five dishes in preparation for the weekend.  Oh, and I have to do it all Thursday night.  I'm really so exhausted that what I most want is an entire day to nap, read, get a pedicure, etc.  

I leave you with a snapshot of the absolute most adorable blob ever witnessed.  I know the head is on the left and the rump is on the right, but I'm not sure whether it's facing the bottom of the picture or the top.

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