Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Not Knowing

I'm not sure if I've posted it on here, but we aren't planning to find out the baby's sex. I told the ultrasound tech and midwife that we don't want to know and they both seemed surprised, as most women find out. The midwife seemed particularly excited that we weren't finding out. She kept saying, "I love surprises!"

We aren't finding out for a few reasons:

1. I'm way too practical to want a gender-themed nursery. My sister-in-law had a son two years ago and spent a boatload of money on her nautical themed nursery. One and a half years later, she was popping out a little girl and spent $300 on nursery bedding alone. I want to do the nursery in classic Pooh, which is gender neutral. I think this will save us time and energy since the same nursery will work for any future babies (ok, the one future babe that we are planning on).

2. I think it's more exciting for our friends and family if we don't find out. I had a friend who knew the baby's sex beforehand and even started sharing the baby name a couple months before the baby was born. When the baby girl finally arrived and they called to tell us, there wasn't any new information to learn. We knew what the sex and name would be and, let's face it, the weight and length really aren't that interesting of tidbits.

3. I want our shower gifts to be necessities. I know it's less fun to shop for bottles and carseats, rather than cute little boy/girl clothes, but we really need bottles and carseats more. I think if people know the gender, they tend to buy clothes for shower gifts. I'd rather get the necessities than the cute stuff.

4. Lastly, I really don't care too much what it is. We are planning to have two kids, ideally a boy and a girl. The order doesn't matter to me, so I'll be happy with whatever it is. For the second baby, I may find out the sex, but for this one, we are just happy to have a little one of our own.

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  1. I totally agree with all your reasons. That's why when our times comes, we aren't finding out either. I went to a baby shower (I bought the stuff that's really needed like bottles and binkies) and pretty much 99% of the stuff my friend recieved was blue clothes. It annoyed me to no end, lol.