Monday, May 11, 2009

My Weekend in Five Moments

This weekend was so very full of life.  Too much to cram into one post, so I'll relay it in the five moments that I'll remember most...

1.  Us handing my mom and mother-in-law wrapped books.  I prefaced the big reveal with, "This is an early Mother's Day gift but something you can use this weekend."  They see the children's books at about the same time.  My mom looks completely confused that it wasn't a spa gift certificate, but Brett's mom is searching through the front pages for an inscription.  She must've suspected something, but wanted an inscription to confirm.  Once they both realized it, they were screaming and crying.  It was such a fun way to share the big news.

2.  The two funniest people to tell were our little brothers, both of whom are 24 years old.  I called my little brother whose instant reply was, "Does Brett know?"  He must be pretty full of himself if he thought the first person I'd call after a positive pee stick would be him.  Brett's little brother's response was, "Was this planned?"  To which Brett replied, "Hell, I'm not even sure it's mine."  It was all quite comical.

3.  I was hosting 15 girls and mothers for my book club on Saturday.  I asked my mom and mother-in-law to help me make lettuce wraps and spring rolls to which my mother-in-law replied, "No thanks."  Uh, yeah, that pissed me off.  Couple that with my father-in-law loudly asserting Saturday night that our fridge was out of ice, so someone needed to go to the store. And now, cut to me in our bedroom sobbing.  Hello, pregnancy hormones.

4.  The absolute finest moment of the weekend was after all the houseguests left and Brett snuggled his arms around me, saying, "Now I can give you your mother's day present."  A very sweet card and a gift certificate for two prenatal massages were just what I needed to cheer up.  He really is an amazing husband, but I know he'll be an even more fantastic father.  I'm so proud and lucky to have him in my life.

5.  Last, but not least, my cousin, who I've been worried about for awhile, showed up at our family mother's day event looking so very skinny that I thought she might tip over.  Her cheeks are sunk in, ribs are poking out, veins are popping, and her arms no longer have hair on them.  It is very clear to me that she is anorexic, but her parents don't seem concerned at all.  I've been talking with one of her mutual friends and we are working out a plan to get her the help she so clearly needs.

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  1. Love the book cute! I will be praying for your cousin. I hope you get her the help that she needs.