Monday, May 4, 2009

Great Visit!

I can't post much because I have lots of work to do and my entire morning was consumed by my midwife appointment.  Here's a brief recap:
  • After working all day in the yard yesterday, I doubled over and had my first pregnancy puke.  It was horrible and I hope there are no more.
  • Got a transabdominal ultrasound today.  They found baby right away with heartbeat of 176.  For the first time yet, I felt 100% excited about this pregnancy.  No fear or anxiety mixed in.
  • Based on the ultrasound, baby is 8w2d, making my due date December 12th.
  • Had 4 vials of blood drawn, causing me to almost faint.  Got a smoothie afterwards that tasted so yummy.

I'll try to post more later and upload the sono pic, but I have to read 330 pages of grant proposals in the next 24 hours.  Ugh.

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