Friday, April 3, 2009

Am I KU?

Today was a long and very stressful day at work.  After a margarita with coworkers, I came home and started teasing DH that I was going to test tonight just for the hell of it.  My temp was up one more day and still no signs of a period.  Plus, I had cramping all day that felt almost exactly like the first day of my period.  I really don't get cramps before my period, so that was strange to have AF-like cramping before my period started.
Anyway, DH said, "Go ahead, test."  So I did.  I got this which doesn't look like much on camera, but in person both of us saw a faint pink line.  We are looking forward to tomorrow morning when we can take a test with FMU.  I posted it to the Bump and got lots of, "I kind of see it"s and some "try again in the morning"s.  Somebody gave my post one star, boo.

In the meantime, what do all of you think.  If you squint, turn your head sideways and cross your eyes, do you see it too?

UPDATE:  My camera has a "Macro" function that makes the pic much clearer.  I see it with the naked eye and the camera lens now.  I hereby declare myself with child.  It's obviously early and a great time for a chemical pregnancy, so we are cautiously celebrating.


  1. I missed your post on GP, but congrats!

  2. Thanks, Jin. I've been meaning to ask for an invite to your new, private blog. How do I get one? My Bump email address is

  3. You got yourself an invite momma!