Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Getting to 50/50

One of the greatest things about my husband is that we have always split the work in our lives down the middle. Sure, he may prefer to vacuum the floors while I'd rather clean the bathrooms, but overall the division of labor is pretty equal in our family. Even with cashew on the way, we both know that our careers are too important to leave behind. I truly believe that being a working mother is the best thing for me and our child. I want him/her to see that women can have dynamic careers without sacrificing their family. I think that me continuing to work will provide needed resources for our family that will enable us to offer our children a top-notch education, leisurely vacations, and fun extra-curricular activities.

Best of all, my husband agrees with me that having two working parents is the best solution for our family. This weekend we were at the library and he checked out Getting to 50/50. The book is about balancing work and family. I think he thought it would help him figure out how to approach his boss and co-workers when work was overtaking his life. Instead, the book is heavily targeted at women who are trying to find ways to continue working without killing themselves with family responsibilities. The chapters are things like, "Convincing Your Husband of the Value of 50/50." It's definitely not geared at Brett, but he's reading it anyway.

I feel so lucky to have a husband who is so supportive of me as a working mother-to-be.

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