Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Feeling Very Pregnant Today

Yesterday was a bizarre one. After two solid days of feeling like a useless mass of flesh, I got home with the energy of a four-year-old that just drank a case of Mountain Dew. I rushed inside, changed clothes, threw my dog in the car, went to CostCo, went to the grocery store, cleaned the house, ate dinner, and crashed in bed. I swear I must've accidentally had some caffeine yesterday. That's the only explanation that would make sense.

Being paranoid and neurotic, I started worrying that the burst of energy was because I had miscarried and been released from the grips of pregnancy hormones. Don't worry, I woke up this morning and dry heaved over the toilet for 5 minutes, making me feel pregnant all over again. It's only 5 days until our ultrasound. I really can't wait to see a beating heart and get ready to finally start shouting our good news.

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