Monday, April 20, 2009

How To Tell

I'm two days shy of six weeks with high HCG levels and no spotting. Am I in the clear? Absolutely not. Am I confident enough to start brainstorming how to do the big reveal? Yes. Here's what the week of May 4th looks like for me:

Monday: Ultrasound at 7w5d according to my chart
Wednesday: My dad comes to town for a night. We'll probably tell him at that time (as long as we get a hb).
Friday: My mom and mother-in-law come to town for Mother's Day weekend. Though it would be fun to wait and officially tell them on Mother's Day, I know I won't be able to keep it in.

The question is, how should we reveal our news? Please share your ideas. My dad's pretty low-key, so I'd like to find a fun, but not overdone way to tell him. My mom and mother-in-law are the absolute opposite of low-key. I'd like the reveal to reference Mother's Day in some way. I'd love to hear your ideas.

Here are a few of mine for the moms:
  • Go out to dinner and park in expectant mom parking.
  • Give them Grandmother's cards with a picture from the ultra sound.
  • Give them each a copy of a children's book (maybe one they used to read to Brett and I as kids) and tell them we hope they enjoy reading it with their grandchild.


  1. Hi Jess, I am 6 weeks today and I have my ultrasound a week from today. I can not wait to see that hb. I am so nervous somthing is wrong, so I feel like I'll be able to breathe again in a week, hopefully! I like the ultrasound picture idea. I couldnt wait and we told our families already.

  2. This is me being super late on the comments - but I LOVE the children's book idea.