Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'm a Bad Liar

We had dinner last night with a couple of friends.  I didn't order a margarita as I normally would, but the wife didn't either so I didn't think it would seem strange.  Toward the end of dinner, this little exchange happened...
HER: We want to see your new car.

ME:  Sure.  We'll even show you the third row.  We try to keep it hidden from parents so they don't think we are planning to have 5 kids.

HER: Are you guys heading in that direction.

ME: Yes.

HER: Are you trying.

ME: (and quite awkwardly because I was thinking about how funny it is that we are no longer "trying") Yes.

HER: Are you pregnant right now?

ME: Yes.

So, that's the second person I've told.  I could've continued lying but I am horrible at it and I really trust her not to tell anyone.

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