Sunday, April 5, 2009

First Full Day of Being Pregnant

Yesterday was my first full day being pregnant.  The hubby is already pretty protective, so we kicked off the day by reading up online about what I can and can't do.  I'm planning to cut out caffeine, alcohol, high mercury fish, soft cheeses, deli meat, etc.  I already knew those foods were pregnancy no-nos, but actually having to stop consuming them will be hard.

We ran lots of errands yesterday morning.  Since we don't keep soda in the house, we always treat ourselves to 44 oz. diet soda from Quik Trip.  I've transitioned away from regular Diet Dr. Pepper to caffeine free Diet Dr. Pepper, but they were all out.  I had water instead which seemed very boring.

We went to my brother's barbecue.  Brett and I kept "splitting" beers.  My mom may or may not have noticed but she didn't say anything.  They were playing beer pong and I was afraid I'd get roped into that.  I really couldn't think of a way to "pretend" drink during that game.  Did I mention my brother's 24 and still living in his college town?  That should explain the beer pong thing.

I've found that my main pregnancy symptoms so far are that I'm tired a lot of the time and that I seem to get hungry easier.  I took a nap yesterday afternoon and still fell asleep at 9:30 last night.  I get nervous every time I go to the bathroom, worrying that I'll have spotting or a full-on period.  I have a short LP, so I would've already gotten my period by now in a normal cycle.

My husband has been so cute.  When we first got the +hpt, he kept saying, "But, I just started a new book."  He's pretty obsessed with reading all the pregnancy, infant care, and parenting books.  He had just gotten engrossed in a new book, but was saying he might just return it to the library without finishing it so that he can read baby books.

I've continued charting because it makes me feel better.  I'm happy to see my temp staying up.

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