Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A+ Student

I've always been a little bit of a type-A, teacher's pet and I'm carrying that trait into pregnancy. In preparation for my first midwife appointment, I've written a list of questions I plan to ask. They are:

  • What exercises can I do? Pre-BFP, I worked out 4x/week, doing cardio twice, lifting weights twice, and doing yoga once. I want to make sure this is okay to continue. I'm especially curious about the weight lifting.
  • Can I drink decaf herbal teas?
  • If I get a Subway sandwich toasted, is that okay?
  • Who do I contact to tour the L&D suites at the hospital?
  • What's my risk of micarriage? I know there are lots of stats out there, but I want to hear it from a medical professional. I always hear 20%, but I'm not sure whether that includes CPs or not.
  • Is my PNV okay? My gyno wrote my a prescription for some PNVs that are $50/month with insurance. They contain DHA and some other crap I've never heard of. My cheap Walgreen's vitamins I've been taking since January don't have all the ingredients in the pricey vitamins.
  • What's the labor and delivery process like when a midwife?
  • Is there a number to call with non-emergency questions?
  • What do you consider to be an emergency?
  • What's your stance on pain medications during delivery? I fully intend to have a natural birth, but how will you respond if mid-way through I start begging for an epidural?
  • I'm deathly afraid of tearing something down there. Please tell me every last thing I can do to minimize the risk.
  • How long past my due date would you let me go before inducing?

I think it's a complete list. Some of it she'll probably answer without me prodding, but I feel good going into the appointment with a list.

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