Thursday, April 30, 2009

Two Options for the Mom Reveal

We have narrowed it down to two possible ways to tell the parents:

They arrive a week from tomorrow. As much as I'd like to wait until actual Mother's Day, I can't keep up the ruse all weekend and I know I'll be too anxious to tell. So, on Friday night once they both get there, I'll say that I want to give them their Mother's Day presents early since it's something they can use for the weekend.

1. Under option 1, they'll each get a wrapped book that they used to read to us as kids. Brett's mom would get Where the Wild Things Are and my mom would get The Giving Tree. The inside covers would say something along the lines of, "Hope you enjoy reading this to your grandchild just like you enjoyed reading it to me."

2. The alternative would be to get a photo frame with three cutouts. The top one would be a pic of our house, the second one would be a pic of our new car and the last one would be a sonogram pic. Under them, we'd write, "House in the suburbs: 200k, SUV: 20k, sharing this picture with you: priceless."

I'm kinda leaning toward option 1, but I'd love opinions! Oh yeah, this is all pending a successful u/s on Monday.

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