Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Little Clearer Now

I took a digital today and another $ Store test.  Both came back positive.  One of my favorite bloggers (Hi JennLovesAustin), kept taking hpts just to see if the line got darker.  I think I'm going to do the same thing, mostly because it will be good for my peace of mind since this is such and early positive.  If you look over there ------------->,  you'll see the pics.  We stopped at the $ Store last night (before a huge Mexican dinner that I engulfed) and bought three or four more of them for my experiment.  The lady at the counter said, "These things really work."  I beamed back, "I know, that's why I'm here for more."  She replied, "Congratulations."  It was my first Congrats and it felt great.

The things I did differently this cycle were: taking B6, using OPKs (which seriously saved me since this cycle was looooong), and holding my legs in the air after sex.  I know there's lots of disagreement about whether the "legs up" thing actually works, but it was a free, easy thing that had some chance of helping.  We bought pre-conception lubricant but didn't use it around O since I had decent fertile CM.

My symptoms were:

  • 8 dpo: really, really tired
  • 9 dpo: had cramps like my period started and lots of creamy CM.  I was working all day and not close to a bathroom, so I was pretty convinced that it was my period, but it wasn't.  Also, starting last night, I was more hungry and thirsty than normal.
I wasn't constipated at all, which I know a lot of people are.  I also may or may not have had tender breasts.  They are still sore from the gym, so I can't really tell.

My mom is coming to town today to go with us to a barbecue at my brother's place.  We don't want to tell anyone we're pregnant until after we hear a heartbeat.  Brett and I have devised a tricky plan so I don't have to drink.  He's going to mix me vodka and cranberries that are really just cranberry juice.  We'll see how that goes.

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  1. Hehehe... sadly, my doctor told me to "PUT THE PEE STICK DOWN!". I have since donated my other 11 pee sticks to a friend who is TTC. Take a few more and then PUT THE PEE STICK DOWN!! =)

    Congrats again!! Get ready for a wild ride!