Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hard Work

We've been in our home for about 10 months now.  One of our last home improvement projects is to redo our landscaping.  We had a landscape architect draw up plans that focused on "sustainable plants" that don't require lots of water or maintenance to thrive.  The landscaping firm quoted the new landscaping at $8,000!!  This was the price for the plants and all of the labor.  It was also waaay outside our price range.

My friend's family owns the city's largest nursery, so she offered to provide the plants at cost.  We are paying about $1,500 for plants and materials and doing the labor ourselves.  Our goal is to be done by May 15th.  The weather seems to be rainy almost every weekend, but was gorgeous last night.  We spend the day clearing out the existing beds and pulling up brick edging.  My mom helped, which made it lots easier.  It was LOTS of hard work.  I of course wore gloves the whole time and tried to minimize the heavy lifting I did.

We still have lots to do and I am dreading it.

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